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termite and pest control softwareGreat pest management software is made specifically for the pest control industry.  Many providers build generic service software solutions that are mostly made to do basic scheduling and invoicing.  They then tweak it to work for pest control companies.  Then after they get the pest control system up and running they slap a shoddy termite report writing module on to finish it off.  Very few companies specialize in pest management software.   Bugbase is different because it is designed with one thing in mind and that’s pest management.  Pest management is a very specialized field and requires specialized software made by people that understand the pest control industry.  At Aceapp, we give demos of Bugbase daily and there’s a common response from pest control software shoppers.  The response is a feeling of relief that they can actually use the program and that it does exactly what they need to do.  During demos we hear over and over, “Well, does the program do this…”.  Of course, the answer is almost always yes unless they are asking for the program to read their mind so they don’t even need to type.   Pest control companies have a lot of expectations and needs that need to be met.  We are in the business of meeting those needs.  If a pest control company needs it, either we can already do it or we will make it happen.  That’s a promise!

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